Exterior Accessories

Grilles, rollpans and more. Godfather Customs can hook you up with the best Exterior Accessories anywhere.

Bumpers and Airdams

Replacing the bumper of your truck or car is an easy way to give your ride a customized look. New bumpers make your car stand out from the normal, boring factory models and separate it from the everyday car.

Chrome Door Handle Covers

Chrome Door Handles for cars and trucks add a certain style, shine and personality. Customize your Car, Truck and SUV with chrome door handle covers for your year make and model. Adding our chrome door handles is a breeze, and will give your car a beautiful custom look

Emblems and Logos

Emblems and Logos are an easy way to customize the look of your truck or car. Godfather Customs has custom emblems to decorate your ride giving it a unique custom look the everyone is going to love.


By replacing your factory Grille with a Billet Grille or other designer Grille from Godfather Customs you will give you’re a car truck or SUV a stylish custom look. Chrome and Wire Mesh Grilles are a great way to improve the outside look of your car and for a small price will make your car look instantly more valuable and higher quality. So upgrade your ride with a custom grille today. Godfather Customs is your Grille superstore.


A new hood can do a lot for your truck. First of all it gives it a unique custom look. A custom hood is something that everyone will notice and wish that they had. While looking good is important a new hood can also help your truck run better. While factory hoods do not have hood scoops to let more air into your engine, many custom hoods do. More air means more power, and more power is something that everyone wants. So make sure to have your truck made one of a kind by getting a new hood today!

Pillar Covers

Pillar Covers can add a beautiful custom finish to your car truck or SUV. Godfather Customs offers quality pillar covers at low prices.


If you’re wanting to give your Car, Truck or SUV a quality showroom look, rollpans are a must have. Rollpans replace your boring factory bumper and give your ride a smooth, clean, custom look. Rollpans are relatively inexpensive and instantly increase the look of your Truck. So if you’re serious about giving making your ride look like it belongs in a showroom then you can’t afford not to have a rollpan.

Shaved Door Kits

A Shaved Door Kits will transform your everyday ride into a Show- Car. Everyone will be impressed when your doors open for you at the touch of a button. Need to impress a date? Imagine how she’ll feel when the door opens without any effort at all. Get your shaved door kit today and make your ride the one that everyone is talking about.

Side Skirt Kits

Turn your ride into a better looking one when you take advantage of the use of Side Skirts. Many of today’s hottest cars use Side Skirts to make their cars and trucks look lower to the ground. Adding a side skirt set to your current ride will help to create better air flow and give you a custom look. So get your custom side skirt today and make your ride one of a kind.

Truck Bed Tonneau Covers

The choice to accessorize your pickup truck with a high quality truck bed cover is a good one. Tonneau covers give your stuff protection from the elements. They also help with gas mileage, by streamlining the shape of your truck and allowing air to pass smoothly over the bed surface. In the case of hard tonneau covers, they add a significant amount of security for your expensive items.